Thursday, December 4, 2008

On This Night

i look upon the sky
so dark so weary
such loneliness i feel
such anger within

i stared at a star
as it dazzled me with its bright light,
as it pass through the lids of my eyes
my heart pumps with fright..

oh what its?, oh what it is?
my mind begun to think
a light so bright that scared me so...
a light so bright it warms me so..
a light so bright nearing me so...
oh what it is?, oh what it is?

as i conquer my fear
i opened my eyes
resisting the bright shiny light
i've seen a lady!
so vibrant, so real

oh what it is?, oh what it is?
a lady with long ebony hair!,
a lady in white silky dress!,
a lady of porcelain white skin!,
oh what it is?, oh what it is?

about to ask the question
but the lady began to fade
so fast i can't keep up...
like a bird soaring fast
as it fades with the light away..

oh what it is?, oh what it is?
it was a night of fantasy
it was a night of mystery,
as i walk on the track
the question still buzzing me up
of who she is, and of what she is...
that night ill never forget for i have seen perfection!,
but as reach home i said:

" On this night I've found my light, to the darkness I'm in"

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