Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beating Heart

well i have nothing to say it juz 

kept my heart beating 

with no other reason.

thanks for the love,

thanks for understanding me,
and never let this ever fade....

i love you,

i care for you,

and let it last till we can..

thank you....

i hope its never the end,

i hope it will never pass.

i hope it would always last,

for it will be forever love,

thanks to you...

may the wind whisper the words

of love,

of hope,

and caress,

for it will keep our hearts alive...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


 super duper 19th forgotten na ko la ka update..... well soriso bilbao mga kablogski medyo busy akez last holiday...... waheheheheh.... im enjoying the coldefactor of the season..... hahahahahah
if you just know....... murcia blessing ang dumating...... haynakez,,./// cge ah ill be updating again... hay nekey sa sobrang busy wa na akey na update sa kamadlaang sheterrific issues.... chige...chige...chige... watchout ...... for more ka echosan.... bekratisan everloo..........



lovingly lovable


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Misa De Aguinaldo

mga kabloggski super alert na me kagina sa first day sang simbang gabi... bungga kay super bugtaw gd ko early [3:30am] hay nakez...... Its really so nice bringing back those traditions that are practice by are forefathers and by the new generations to this time, but to my disappointment some teenager's no longer like the old days when most people, including teenagers, go to the church just to hear mass and eat puto or bibingka as their breakfast after the mass. Today, teenagers pretend to celebrate Misa de Aguinaldo just to have an excuse to go out with their friends and lovers. They don't really know what the tradition is all about. We cannot blame them maybe because their Human nature is more stonger than their spiritual.... hay naku going deeper to the concept na ko......well neways hope you enjoy it to for those who had their simbang gabi.... go na para sa mga wala pa...... little sacrifice for the season.... hehehe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland by Jason Mraz

how are you my friends.... heeeeewww.... its quite a long time since i had my last update...
well.. busy po kasi eh... hehehehe... as i promise heres my new christmas song entitled
" Winter Wonderland " a version of Jason Mraz.... i like his way of singing, a little bit soul adjuncted with reggae... hahahah... whatever! neways,,, hope you like it.... "walking in the winter wonderland"......... na na na nanana...mmmmmmmmmmm.....lalalalalalalala..
loves and cares ....." LADY MAYUMi".....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

love is a lust you'll never like

i love you...
do you feel it....?
i lust you....
do you fear for it....?
i like you....
do you think of it....?

many times i waited for you,
many times you made me blue,
i may not tell you,
i may not show you,
but i hope you feel the same way too..

i was afraid of losing you,
i was afraid of not being with you...
i can't resist my sadness,
oh please don't leave me like this...

but as the time passes,
my tears no longer fell
learning to stop, learning to fade
as i turn my back
on the sorrow past you laid.

i love you..
i lust you..
i like you..

but now its over
all i would say is...


what i like best

hay nakez super dugay na gd ko nga wala ka dancesport... hay but neways..
for my kobloggski info... i also enjoy engaging in such sport...... and here are some of my favorite

this is joana leunis.... " the spinner"

this is beata onefater... " the body dancer "

and both of this dancers are world champions... and i really like the way they dance, their moves, footworks... and the way they connect with their partners.....
i wish i cud dance the way they do.....!!!! hmp....
thanx to my Ate shing... she taught me how to post some videos..... mwahugs......jejejejejejeje

Thursday, December 4, 2008

On This Night

i look upon the sky
so dark so weary
such loneliness i feel
such anger within

i stared at a star
as it dazzled me with its bright light,
as it pass through the lids of my eyes
my heart pumps with fright..

oh what its?, oh what it is?
my mind begun to think
a light so bright that scared me so...
a light so bright it warms me so..
a light so bright nearing me so...
oh what it is?, oh what it is?

as i conquer my fear
i opened my eyes
resisting the bright shiny light
i've seen a lady!
so vibrant, so real

oh what it is?, oh what it is?
a lady with long ebony hair!,
a lady in white silky dress!,
a lady of porcelain white skin!,
oh what it is?, oh what it is?

about to ask the question
but the lady began to fade
so fast i can't keep up...
like a bird soaring fast
as it fades with the light away..

oh what it is?, oh what it is?
it was a night of fantasy
it was a night of mystery,
as i walk on the track
the question still buzzing me up
of who she is, and of what she is...
that night ill never forget for i have seen perfection!,
but as reach home i said:

" On this night I've found my light, to the darkness I'm in"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

have yousrelf a merry little christmas

well its pretty obvious that the yuletide season is ringging through the air,,, so to best suit this special holiday i featured this song entitled " Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" a version of Leann Rimes, actually its an old christmas song... but i like this best because of its mellow dramatic music... and the lyrics is so beautiful.... it gives me a soothing effect when ever i listen to it..So i hope you'll like it too.... im even planning to change the music weekly so that i could feature other xmas songs, to bring back those happy old christmas times... '' I Miss That ''..... And i Might feature some OPM christmas songs.... if in case im not busy heheheheheh......
hmmmm.... I love CHRISTMAS.... it really gives me peace of mind, i don't know why! hmm.. maybe just because its my month?..... huh i really don't know... Neways Hope You'll enjoy listening..... TCRE..... Merry Christmas in Advance to all....



Wow... Christmas is on the way!,.. so it seems that I'm not feeling it yet! hmm! is it
because of the crisis we are experiencing?,,... well that's not really a problem, what's important is we celebrate this special season with our family and friends and enjoy the time of being together,, isn't it?
well in fact that's what Christmas is all about
hmmm..... What would be my gift this x'mas?
Before this Christmas day....
I'd like to greet everyone a

" Merry Christmas''

hope you enjoy this wonderful Season,.
with your family and love ones
the way I do....


from ur loving higala



i really deed enjoy watching TWILIGHT its a must see movie...
sa una daw ka flat lng sng emotions ko.....
but as the story flows, you will feel the love story that the film depicts....

super ang kilig factor ha....

i like the tandem!!!!! waheheheheh

So for those who will watch this movie..... hope you will like it the way i deed....
its really different from those Vampire stories
its really inspiring, in behalf of their differences, both learned to love each other
just as normal as it should be,,,,
its what it is

" your scent is like a brand of heroin to me "
words being uttered by Edward to Bella...

I LIke, I LoVe, I LusT

so give yourself a break and watch this movie...
worth your money!
Ei MAy sequel pa ni.... watchout.....

your CinemaTiks