Sunday, November 23, 2008

Silver Iodide

for those who speak the Word

Silver Iodide as what other people call us
is it in the blood?
or is it the blood itself?
that they do not know...
ha. .ha. . another stereotypic name for a blooming personality

some just say it, some may play on it
the question is! do you know it?!
ha. . ha.. fools you are!
glitzy? ha.. ha.. not at all
we maybe on it...
ha.. ha..
its are lifes own fit..
some people glom many ideas
but shit your a pain in the ass...

Silver Iodide thats who we are....
think of the words..
it might be glistening...
poor you people....
thanks for the gift....
a bundle of dicks
makes me sick
.. ha..ha..

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