Saturday, November 15, 2008


it was as lonely as a night,
full of sadness,
full of fear,
like a dagger piercing me down,
full of pain,
full of agony,
like a jokers riddled mystery
full of uncertainties,
full of doubts.
lifes bitterness! i can't surpass!
but only pure sweet love can free me from the darkness im in.
as i look up on the midnight sky,
i dream of my hearts desire,
like a star that shines so brightly,
fading so gently by the blue velvety sky.
as i wanted to weep myself out
no tears ever fall, no time to be waste!
no words can calm me down
for my hearts wound can never be healed..
but now as i wait! one things for sure!
only my true loves kiss can bring me
to lifes wonderful bliss.

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