Sunday, December 7, 2008

love is a lust you'll never like

i love you...
do you feel it....?
i lust you....
do you fear for it....?
i like you....
do you think of it....?

many times i waited for you,
many times you made me blue,
i may not tell you,
i may not show you,
but i hope you feel the same way too..

i was afraid of losing you,
i was afraid of not being with you...
i can't resist my sadness,
oh please don't leave me like this...

but as the time passes,
my tears no longer fell
learning to stop, learning to fade
as i turn my back
on the sorrow past you laid.

i love you..
i lust you..
i like you..

but now its over
all i would say is...


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