Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Misa De Aguinaldo

mga kabloggski super alert na me kagina sa first day sang simbang gabi... bungga kay super bugtaw gd ko early [3:30am] hay nakez...... Its really so nice bringing back those traditions that are practice by are forefathers and by the new generations to this time, but to my disappointment some teenager's no longer like the old days when most people, including teenagers, go to the church just to hear mass and eat puto or bibingka as their breakfast after the mass. Today, teenagers pretend to celebrate Misa de Aguinaldo just to have an excuse to go out with their friends and lovers. They don't really know what the tradition is all about. We cannot blame them maybe because their Human nature is more stonger than their spiritual.... hay naku going deeper to the concept na ko......well neways hope you enjoy it to for those who had their simbang gabi.... go na para sa mga wala pa...... little sacrifice for the season.... hehehe

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