Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bacolod's Festive Mar d Gras

Bacolod city is now on its grandest events, pulling all people into their festive moods, bringing Color to the streets, merry making and enjoying the party that the city is offering. Masskara festival on its 29th year is another breakthrough for the cities local crisis, resting from the daily problems that the Bacoleños are encountering, Thus proving that In a course of deep problem there is still a time to smile..

The Masskara Festival is here to stay, an icon for Bacolod as the city of smile. Today, with the more than four hundred fifty thousand Bacoleños giving their warmest smile. Masskara becomes a festival of a thousand smile per minute, projecting the Bacoleños ability to smile, to be gregarious and charming and to shoe his instinct to survive and triumphs over trials and challenges. Masskara is not history nor is it anchored on any historical, religious or cultural events. Artistic, yes. Masskara is simply his story, that is the Bacoleño as a human being whose innate capacity to for goodness, happiness and beauty is expressed in the sights, sounds, color rythm of a peole celebrating the might and bounty of the great creator.

MAsskara on its theme BACOLOD, CITY OF THE WORLD, is another proud indication that we are getting our way to the global scenes, and proving that filipinos are worth to be acclaimed.


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