Friday, October 17, 2008


What if you're gay all your life and you fell in love with a girl?
Is the love powerful enough to forsake the life you lived?
An epitome of an explicit descriptive novel, depicting an advance enthusiasm on homosexuality, Were values of sexual indifference are given its proper meaning. A very simple yet exciting novel that course in with the crisis undergone by homos in the building society. May be an enlightenment to the unrevealed mask of the third genders, that may revoke them to what they really are, before drowning deeply in the realm of homosexuality. Instances may precipitate in the changes that may happen to people and lead them to reality.... we are not made perfect, but made as a masterpiece of divine creation.... we may change and find means to correct are mistakes but it take courage to face each and ev'ry consequences that may stumble along the path, what matters most is that it has been taken into the very heart of every individual.....

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