Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mario Maurer Fever

Well it might be on the peak of popularity that are hunkable hunk gone through flying colors.... MArio MAurer '' Tong'' in the Thai film The Love Of Siam, exhibits a very controversial role that rang up the movie industries in Thailand.. BUt it did'nt stop the young actor to pursue another gay flick movie, expecting more of its flexibity as an icon in homosexual affairs.
Piti Jaturapat’s '' Roommate '' is now on the run to give another flick on homosexuality, The film which was adapted from Andrew Flemmings Film Threesome, a 1994 film.
LOve not lust that depicts this story....
Another exciting movie about to give us another ordeal in homosexuality.
Now the film is on casting and will play soon this 2008.

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