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"I know that we did the right thing because I saw the sign of Christ in her hands. She was bearing stigmata and that was a sign from God that we should exorcise the demons. She died to save other lost souls, to atone for their sins." - Anna Michel (Anneliese's mother, 2005)

In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, the movie chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed.
Inspired by true events, the film stars Laura Linney as the lawyer who takes on the task of defending the priest (Tom Wilkinson) who performed the controversial exorcism.....
This movie is based on real events that happened in Germany and began in 1968, when Anneliese Michel aka Emily Rose (a very religious nurtured girl) has an insult. Paralysed and shaking she can’t call her 3 sisters, or her parents (Josef and Anna) for help. A Neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Würzburg diagnosed Epilepsy Type "Grand Mal". Depressions, often occurring after those Epilepsy Attacks, have not been recognized.

2005 film the exorcism of emily rose

After a long stay at the Hospital, she begins to see devilish grimaces during her daily praying. In the fall of 1970 Anneliese starts believing to be possessed. She can’t find another reason for the grimaces she sees. Now also voices are following her, saying to her, that she will "stew in hell". In the summer of 1973 her parents ask different Pastors for an Exorcism. The Catholic Chaplains reject and recommend, to continue the medication on the now 20 year old Anneliese.
In September 1975, after an exact Verification, the Bishop of Würzburg, Josef Stangl, assigns Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt with the order, to perform "The Great Exorcism" on Anneliese Michel. The basis for this ritual is the "Rituale Romanum", an at that time still valid Canon Law from the 17th century. The 23 years old student (Pedagogy) Anneliese Michel, dies on the 1st of July 1976 after an approximately 9 month lasting Exorcism.Short time before these events, William Friedkin’s "The Exorcist" came to the cinemas in Germany (1974), and started a paranormal Hysteria all over the land. Psychiatrist all over Europe, reported of an increase of obsessive ideas at their patients. For the Prosecutors, the factual situation is more than bizarre. It took almost 2 years, until the "Klingenberg Case" was brought to court. Anneliese’s parents and the 2 Exorcists were accused of negligent homicide.
There were only 2 questions to answer.
What caused the death of Anneliese Michel, and who was responsible for it ?

Voice of Anneliese Michel during one of her exorcism.

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